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Wallet by truemoney


== Shop at 7-ELEVEN with ease and convenience. Just use barcode instead of cash.True Money Wallet is a payment application available for every mobile network. Wallet users can do online shopping using WeCard, buy TrueMoney cash card, pay bills, do mobile top-up and cash transfer.
- WeCard: you can go online shopping without the need of having a credit card. Activate WeCard for free thru TrueMoney Wallet application.- Pay bill: you can pay more than 70 bills without fee and hassle. Just scan!- Top-up: you can do top-up for TrueMove H prepaid phone with 10% air time bonus.- TrueMoney Cash Card: purchase thru TrueMoney Wallet application on smart phone easily.- Transfer: transfer money between TrueMoney Wallet without fee or another bank account with 10 Baht fee.
You can buy WeCard physical card from 7-ELEVEN, you may use TrueMoney Wallet application to activate the card immidietly.
Further, you can top-up LINE credit thru Cash card, buy Facebook items by top-up thru Boonterm, Airpay counter and others convenience channel.
* WeCard is a Prepaid Mastercard. Card holders can purchase things from online shops such as WeMall, iTruemart, Weloveshopping, Lazada or movie tickets like SF Showtime, Major Movie or iService fee and every Mastercard frienly shops.
** Barcode Scan process may not support in every model of mobile phones, it depends on the quality of camera function but user can press customer code and reference code.
*** TrueMoney Cash Card can use in game top-up and online services such as LINE Webstore, Infestation, or other games.